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  • Fundraising – unlocking the door to innovation - Profile of Keith Armour Fundraising for CHAS with Superheroes  Third Force News - May 2019
  • Shafted: The Media, the MIners' Strike and the Aftermath - Campaign Press Broadcast Freedom (North) - May 2019
  • State motivation over disputes makes for a disturbing tale - The Journalist Magazine - May 1, 2018 
  • We have a real problem - Union News - April 2018
  • Living with Low Income in Scotland - Young Minds Magazine - 2006


We believe in government and business being
transparent and accountable. 
We believe in democracy.  
We believe journalism should be fact and evidence based
Research, Record, Fact Check, Report.
Livingstone Media conducts investigative journalistic collaborative work often looking at areas those in corporate style media ignore.

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When state, media and corporations collude to destroy your livelihood and communities - what would you do? Through meticulous research, heart-rendering personal accounts, multi-award winning Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines reveals how successive UK governments have conspired to work against those they are meant to represent. Conspiracy theory revealed as conspiracy fact.
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