Accenture Development Partnerships and Tanzanian Government  

Dramatically rising school enrollments in Tanzania were great news for the country’s government and a good augury for the future—but they put massive strain on the educational system.   Accenture Development Partnerships is working with the Tanzanian government to use e-learning to overcome a national shortage of teachers—and give this new generation of pupils the best education possible.

Intended Outcome of video:   Awareness, fundraising and support from high net worth individuals. Shown at launch event in NYC, in attendance his Excellency the President of Tanzania.  




Introducing Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP):  

Intended Outcome:  Awareness of ADP: increasingly, as businesses look to emerging markets for new growth opportunities, non-governmental organisations that work in these areas are no longer seen as charities, but 

important parts of the commercial ecosystem.