Campaign Film: 

Get me home Safely Campaign Films. Get ME Home Safely is Unite’s campaign to make our communities and workplaces safer places for our members.  Two films, one 'Through the eyes of ... '  As a result of this campaign many councils are now making it a condition of bar licensing that staff have a safe way home. 

 Campaign and Training film Film:

There’s a high probability that a freeport is coming to your area – Freeports are not a new idea – but are they a good idea?

Not without strong unions. Not without Unite.

Unite asked us to make 4 films.  One approx 15 mins long for training  and the rest for social media. All films can be found here 

Campaign Film:

Ongoing campaign that is fighting for fairness for former HSBC and Midland Bank workers retirement. Their success may also help the discriminated pensioners of other employers as well.

Clawback, or State Pension Integration, which is still misleadingly termed "State Deduction" by HSBC, is grossly unfair to the lower paid, both men and women, but the majority are women.  The lowest paid can have 25% or more clawed back from their pension payments by HSBC, whilst the highest paid will only lose 5% or less.  We were asked to create a short film for social media to raise awareness prior to the HSBC AGM (2019).  The film was successfully screened on social media, Linkedin and via a mobile truck outside the AGM itself.

 Campaign Film:  Fairtips

The UK government promised to bring in a new law for restaurant workers. To date (Jan 2019) however this has not happened.  Unite asked us to make 2 films approx 1 min each for social media. The films are being used to remind MPs and the general public that the government has not yet met ts promise and should do the right thing by our hospitality workforce.


Exhibition Films:  Asked to create a series of films - from a few minutes to half an hour for Sui Generis - The possibilities of a house Exhibition (April 13-28th, 2019)- the highly successful artists collective exhibition of 62 projects from 64 creatives that filled the entirety of Plas Bodfa, a currently empty manor house in Llangoed on the Isle of Anglesey.Wales. 

Back the MHS workers campaign: 2023

Safety Film:

COVID-19 devastated families and communities but Unite the union worked  to keep people safe and supported through this health and economic crisis. This film was one element of wider campaign materials that we helped create - including a Safety information brochure. 

Short social media film to raise awareness of a march for unity and against racism.  Square format for twitter and instagram.

Human Interest Journalism:

Evelynia's belief that life is one "big, infinite creation" led her to leave her home in Germany to spend a year of creating in New York.  Now, 14 years later, she still finds herself in the city, yearning to return to Europe while wrapping her arms around her biggest creation yet: her new family.  Beautiful Noise looks into the lives of these young people as they manage American prejudices, steer through a volatile economy and create a beautiful, noisy life - one day at a time.
Published by Mediastorm:  December 2008
Voted best of the Web by Kobre

Investigative Journalism:


Award winning investigative journalism feature documentary film about where power lies in this country.  "Conspiracy theory proven to be conspiracy fact"  Audience member Andy

This feature documentary has achieved 9 film festival recognition awards including 3 winners for "Best Documentary".  Screenings from Orkney to Exeter and abroad in the USA, Croatia and Argentina.  

Development sector film to engender support for Accenture Development Partnerships and Tanzanian Government Schools project:

Dramatically rising school enrollments in Tanzania were great news for the country's government and a good augury for the future - but they put massive strain on the education system. Fundraising film showing the future plans for secondary education (Tanzania)

Development sector film to engender support for micro-finance projects which were under threat of budget cuts - a total of 4 films were made for the decision making board. New and continued funding was approved.

Three in- country films and one overview film each in Russian and English on the effects of Microfinance in Tajikistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Kyrgyz Republic. Intended outcome: To raise awareness and counter negative perceptions that have emerged recently in the micro-finance industry with a call for the industry to learn lessons, discuss solutions and highlight best practice and secure funding from IFC/World Bank.  Each film is approx. 4 minute (approx.)   

Tajikistan - English - Empowering women through Microfinance

Winner of Best Film, World Bank

Kyrgyz Republic - English - Rural Development through Microfinance

Bosnia and Herzegovina - English - Rebuilding through Microfinance


Marketing Film for sustainable company:

eSite x10 - The Future of Telecom Site Power: Watch the eSite x10 system being deployed in Africa and Asia, while Tomas Rahkonen, Flexenclosure's CTO, explains what makes this exceptional product the future of telecom site power power.

Marketing Film for sustainable company:

eCentre™ by Flexenclosure - Cable Landing Station: Watch a Flexenclosure eCentre Cable Landing Station being constructed in Sweden and then shipped to Palau for final installation and commissioning.

Marketing Film for sustainable company:

Storm Restaurant, Poole:

Created for sustainable business in Poole Dorset. Low budget production for awards submission.

Information films for parents

WARWICKSHIRE COUNCIL AND CHILD PROTECTION - tips and information from both young people and professionals to try and bridge the gap and help tackle the issues that young people say are most pressing.

Information films for journalists and general public


We were asked to make a film to help launch the original ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database when they cracked open the impenetrable world of offshore tax havens. Users can searchthrough more than 100,000 secret companies, trusts and funds created in offshore locales such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore.

Information films


Tessa Traeger, Photographer and Mark Haworth-Booth (served as a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1970-2004  required a film to accompany traveling exhibition.  This 18min piece (in 2 parts)is designed to accompany the traveling exhibition around the USA.Voices of the Vivarais.

Part 1     Part 2

Testimonial film

Condicio a commercial contracts firm. Filmed and produced within a short time scale and on budget

Campaign film:   


Make Some Noise Rally campaign film to raise awareness of a rally in support of the 30 year campaign for an inquiry into the events at Orgreave during the 1984 Miners Strike.

Campaign film:


Death of Justice Rally campaign film to raise awareness of a rally in support of the 30 year campaign for an inquiry into the events at Orgreave during the 1984 Miners Strike.

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