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If you are interested in a community screening of
Belonging the Truth Behind the Headlines:

License Fee: £99 per screening including DVD.

If you would like to request our director/producer Morag Livingstone attends your event for a Q&A please contact us for relevant fees

 If you have all the information you need: please purchase your public screening license via paypal link below - if you prefer an invoice please email

Multi-award winning. 

Will not tell you how to think Will ask you to think again.
When state, media and corporations collude to destroy your livelihood and communities - what would you do? Through meticulous research, heart-rendering personal accounts, multi-award winning Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines reveals how successive UK governments have conspired to work against those they are meant to represent.
Feature length: Belonging the Truth Behind the Headlines

TV version: Behind the Headlines

Conspiracy theory revealed as conspiracy fact.
Available on TV and online now: Amazon US / Amazon UK & Worldwide - English Territories, Vimeo Global (English and Spanish Subtitles available), Flixon TV, Hoopla, Realeyz.tv, UDU Digital, TikiLive, Kinoflimmern, Obbod and Pantaflix