Videos coming soon:

Films for the training of Health Professionals: Two documentary based films on Mental Health and Culture. 

One film of 150 minutes and the other of 60minutes duration. 

Sample of recent work below: 

More Videos below:  please click on banners to see videos, intended outcome and results





 Why choose video?

Do you want to ensure your message is clear, consistent, showing your organisation and case studies in the way you want to be perceived? Whether you are communicating with government ministers, fundraisers, funders, the general public or other decision makers whether in the development or corporate worlds - Video is a high impact, high engagement medium, popular and easy to absorb for audiences of all types - connecting with the viewer and their emotions. The ability to reach a wide audience with a video of your organisation can be enhanced too - with visual communications you are targeting both those who learn through video and those with auditory learning styles.

The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback - if you cant see the showreel - please download