Beautiful Noise

 Evelynia's belief that life is one "big, infinite creation" led her to leave her home in Germany to spend a year of creating in New York.Now, 14 years later, she still finds herself in the city, yearning to return to Europe while wrapping her arms around her biggest creation yet: her new family. Beautiful Noise looks into the lives of these young people, as they manage American prejudices, steer through a volatile economy, and create a beautiful, noisy life — one day at a time.

Published by Mediastorm: December 31, 2008

Voted Best on the Web by Kobre 

Photography & Video: Morag Livingstone
Editor: Mareile Paley, Kimberley Porteous
Producers: Eric Maierson, Chad A. Stevens
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
Additional Reporting: Eric Maierson, Mareile Paley, Kimberley Porteous
 Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Transcription: Ryan Schick
Workshop Director: Jessica Stuart
Original Music: Evelyna Dann Peterkin, Kirk Bradley Peterkin, Mösel Franzi & the Ja Ja Jas 
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