Publications for Livingstone Media's work include: 

The Guardian, The Herald, The Independent, The Yorkshire Post, The Sunday Post, The Daily Mail, TFN, PDN (US), Hotshoe, Human Rights Watch, BJP, Civicus, Comic Releif, BBC, CNN, IPS Terraviva and ...

TV and Radio:  

Live with Gabby – 8th March 2012

Talk Radio Europe: Live 16th January 2012                                                                                    BBC World Service: 19th January 2012

BBC Radio Kent on Monday 23rd January 2012 

BBC Inside Out - Noma - Jan 2009 - UK West

BBC June 2010 - "Make me a new face:  Africa's hidden Children"  and BBC Inside Out Yorkshire - Nov 2007.

CNN:  Accenture Development Partnerships ( 

Hackney Child:  

Women Magazine: 10th April 2012

  Daily Express: 26th January 2012

Kent Courier: Jan 2012

The Sun News:  24th February 2012

The Sun Best Memoir 2011 

New! Magazine:  14th February 2012 
The Who Cares? Trust:  February 2012

Community Care: February 2012 

The Who Cares? Trust: 1st Quarter 2012